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10 Easy steps to eco-friendly living

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You don’t need to turn vegan, completely ditch plastic, or go zero waste to start making a difference for the planet. In fact, every small change matters. Here is a list of straightforward actions that will help you work your way towards an eco-friendly life and turn intentions into habits.

1. Carry a reusable bag with you

Some countries are already banning plastic bags in supermarkets or charging extra for them. So, many people are already carrying reusable bags, like tote bags, to the supermarket. There are many options for cute reusable bags that get super small, so you can have them with you all time.

2. Ditch the straw when not necessary

Do you really need the straw? I know that some beverages are hard to drink without a straw, like a coconut, but if you are only drinking a glass of water or juice, do you really need the straw? There are several companies where you can find reusable straws made of metal, glass, and bamboo that can make the experience of drinking that coconut even more enjoyable

3. When you order food to eat home, tell the restaurant to not send disposable cutlery and napkins.

Sometimes we order take away and eat in the office or in the street, but some other times we just eat it in the comfort of our home where we have all our cutleries! In this case, we simply don’t need those extras! In this case, make sure you ask the restaurant to not send you any.

4. Turn off the lights when you are not in the room. 

Americans spend 350 billion dollars a year on electricity, and three-quarters of this energy goes to waste. This one will save you money and save valuable natural resources that cost a lot to the environment to be produced! 

5. Choose e-mail instead of mail. 

Isn’t it annoying to open your mail and find many useless papers such as bank statements and bills? Also, will you even keep those papers? Isn’t it much better to get a digital version that you can file on your computer in a much more organized way? Take the time to contact your bank, ask for digital statements only, and unsubscribe to those companies that send shopping catalogues or offers that you do not even care about! It will not only help the environment but also make your life easier. 

6. Use e-tickets instead of printing

E-tickets are available for many services nowadays – it could be for a concert or for a flight. If possible, avoid printing tickets that will only be used for a second and become unnecessary garbage. It’s easier to have your ticket on your phone instead of having to find it in your bag! This will save resources and your own time! 

7. Subscribe to online newspaper and magazine instead of buying paper ones

Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills! Subscribe to online newspapers and magazines. They will always be with you, on your phone or tablet. It is not only good for the environment, but it’s also easier to carry around and actually read it! 

8. Prefer slow fashion over fast fashion 

Did you know that the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined? If you need (or want) to buy new clothes, try to find brands that are making items that take the environment into consideration and will also last longer. The longer you use your clothes less new things you will need to purchase, and therefore, less fabric will end in landfills! 

9. Buy from sustainable brands. 

There are plenty of brands that are taking sustainability into account when producing garments. For us, this means creating in a way that is most considerate of humanity and the environment. When you buy from sustainable brands, you support your values through your purchases and signalling to the industry that you want to see more of it out there! 

10. Be more mindful 

The most important step you can take towards eco-living is to be mindful of what you are purchasing. While in the supermarket, try to choose vegetables that do not come wrapped in plastic. While shopping for clothes, ask yourself if you will make the most of that new item. Think about your actions and make more conscious decisions – and with time, your intentions will turn into powerful habits! 


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