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Like nearly all women I have struggled with self-love most of my life. I would look at the mirror and talk to myself in ways that I would never talk with anyone else in the world.

Even though I was fairly fit when I was a teen, I didn’t feel confident enough to wear bikinis. There was always some weight to lose and things that I felt I had to change in my body before I could feel worthy of a bikini.

To make things worse, when I was in my middle 20’s I gained weight. At this point I didn’t fit my clothes anymore and I started to really hate my body. It was very frustrating to not be able to shop at the stores I used to shop at, and I completely lost my interest in fashion.

After almost a decade living in a body that I absolutely hated, I decided that it was time to change things. I’ve tried to change my body and my weight my whole life so this time I tried a different approach: I invested in changing my mind. 

I strongly committed to accepting my body, and after years of self-work I finally decided that I was ready to purchase a bikini. However, I could not find a single piece that fitted me. Most XL were half my size and I was frustrated.

But this time it was different - I was frustrated with all those shops that did not offer swimwear that would fit my body instead of blaming my body for not fitting into swimwear. I decided to take matters into my own hand and make my own swimwear.

This could be the end of the story, but it was just the beginning. I was happy with my tailor-made bikini, but this only fixed my problem. I knew I was not the only girl struggling with swimwear sizes, so I went one step further and Confidence Swimwear was born.

Confidence Swimwear was created to offer size inclusive, sustainable and ethically made swimwear. 

After so many years struggling, I finally found confidence inside of me and I now want to share that with you. 


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