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Did you know that textiles are one of the world's fastest growing waste products? Millions of textile waste is generated each year all around the world, and it gets worse. When decomposing it releases methane, which can cause harm to global warming. With various dyes and chemicals within the fabric from the textiles it can damage both surface and groundwater. Fast fashion is one of the causes of disposable clothing. The demand is high for what consumers want, that's “in season”. Consumers would rather spend money on cheap quality to get more bang for their buck. With cheap quality fabric and cheap labor production it gets ruined easily after a few wears which ends up being thrown out, which creates more waste to land mills. 

Upcycling is a form of recycling, it's a way of creating new ideas from taking old worn out damaged materials, or pieces you no longer want and turning them into brand new fashionable pieces. It’s a way to reuse fabric instead of having them thrown out into the landfills. By upcycling your clothing it vastly reduces harmful impacts of fashion production. We at Confidence Swimwear value sustainability, and we use our recycled fabric scraps that are used for multi purposes, such as our cute scrunchies that match with your confidence swimwear

We want to inspire you to do the same with your old textile so it doesn't end on landfills. Here are our eco-friendly suggestions to explore and share your creativity out of old textile that you no longer want, making it into something that you will use on a daily basis! Get ready to upcycle and turn your old fabric scraps to accessories to make you look fabulous in your swimwear! 

Sick and tired of wearing the same T-shirt? Or did you shrink your T-shirt by accident? Why throw it out when you can upcycle your T-shirt into a fabulous DIY turban inspired headband! 

  • From the body of your T-shirt, cut 2 strips about 2-3 inches wide each. 
  • Cut away the seams and fold each strip into half lengthwise.
  • Take each of the 2 strips and cross them together in the middle.
  • Fold the ends of 1 side over a ponytail elastic and sew in place. Sew the other end in place to form a ring.
  • Wear it with the folded-over section cocked a little to the side.

Not sure what to do with your old sarong or scarf? Why not turn it into a fashionable tote bag and bring it with you to the beach!

  • Tie two of the corners together in the middle.
  • Lift the other two corners that are not tied and tie them at the top.
  • And...well, that's it! Now you have a fashionable tote bag you can wear to the beach!

Are you doing some spring cleaning and not sure what to do with the clothes? Do you have some outfits in your closet that you don't wear anymore? Maybe you've worn that dress one TOO many times... or that skirt is just a LITTLE too tight.. and those shorts? Why not create a clothes swap with your friends or people within your community! It's an opportunity to get rid of your #overloved pieces and get some new #loved pieces. 

There are various ways to get creative when it comes to upcycling. Just remember before throwing away your old pieces of clothing, think of ways you can reuse them. It's time to change your relationship with trash!

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