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Here at Confidence, body-positivity is one of our main pillars. We believe that every body is a bikini body, and no women should feel ashamed of who they are. We decided to share stories that can inspire every woman to be comfortable with their bodies. Liz decided that it was time to start loving her body and shared how she found the confidence to empower herself.

"After spending summer after summer, covering up my belly and body on the beach, I finally decided last year that I was ready to wear a bikini. While I love all different styles of swimwear, there is really something unique about being able to wear a bikini confidently. I used to envy the ease and joy with which other people, of all shapes and sizes, proudly stood on the shore in bikinis and bathing suits. They clearly weren't worried about who was watching them. They were simply enjoying their time in the sun, sand, and waves. Finally, I felt that it was my turn to do the same!

In my past, I spent summer after summer focusing on covering up, whether I was wearing a coverup over my bathing suit or putting a cardigan over tank tops in 90-degree (32 Celsius) weather to avoid people seeing my arms. Even when I was in my smallest body, I was terrified that someone would see my rolls or my cellulite in particular clothing pieces. This fear was amplified on the beach, of course. I didn't and still don't fit the standards set out for us by society. In my effort to keep everyone around me comfortable, I hid. After years of working through my body image issues, fear of judgment, and wearing some really uncomfortable clothes and swimsuits, it's my time to embrace my body and embrace fashion and swimwear in a new way.

Confidence Swimwear offers so many wonderfully unique styles that are perfect for you and your style, no matter where you might be in your journey towards embracing your body. Not only are their suits sustainably and ethically made, but Confidence also works with women of many unique shapes and body sizes to produce their imagery, giving you a beautiful glimpse into how their pieces fit on all bodies! I was so excited to give their swimsuits a try after seeing their excellent size range and super-inclusive marketing.

While we might be at totally different points in our journeys towards body love, body acceptance, or body neutrality, Confidence Swim has styles for everyone. Want to keep your look simpler and more classic with a one-piece? Confidence has you covered! Ready to dive into a two-piece with sporty details? They have that too! Today I'm sharing my three favorite styles from Confidence Swimwear with you, and I'm so excited to hear which one you love most!

The Amina Set is an incredibly comfortable and sporty bikini that gives coverage and support while also giving you a chance to show your belly! With contrasting bands at the hem, attractive color options, and a cool one-shoulder cut, this is a perfect piece for folks who like to feel supported while riding the waves or walking the beach. My favorite parts of this bikini are the gorgeous color and the slightly cheeky fit of the bottoms! If you're feeling excited to try out a bikini, this would definitely be my go-to recommendation!

kayla monokini

The Kayla one-piece is so unique. I absolutely had to have it. From the high waisted bottoms to the bow on the top, this piece is a bit girly and shows a bit of skin, all within the comfort of a one-piece! One-pieces that offer cutouts like the Kayla are perfect for folks who are ready to move from a true solid one-piece suit towards something that shows off your body a bit more. The bottom half of this swimsuit comes up to a super high waist, giving comfort and support, and the top is a more classic bikini style, with thin straps and a back clasp. My favorite parts about this suit are its bow detail and, once again, the incredible color combination! The blue and green is so stunning, and this piece is a true one of a kind!

The Handini set is your classic string bikini, and this is the suit that I'm working up to! While I feel super comfortable showing my belly and rocking my rolls, I love the above bathing suits' support. However - I really want to embrace the jiggle and enjoy wearing a string bikini out in the world. This suit is perfect for someone ready to bare it all and truly soak up the sun and water. I love the gorgeous rose color that this piece comes in, too!

We all deserve to wear swimwear that makes us feel comfortable, confident, and joyful! And I let my insecurities control what I wore to the beach for many years, all because I was afraid of the judgment I might receive from others. My hope is that people of all shapes and sizes can embrace swimsuits they love, without fear and without worry. This summer, I'll be lounging by the pool and swimming in the ocean, sunscreen, and mask on, all while wearing incredible suits from Confidence Swimwear - suits that make me feel happy, comfortable, and totally ready to conquer the beach!"

- Elizabeth Fever @lizwearswhat

- Photos: Lauren Garms (@instagarmz)

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