How do I get my measurements?

Your measurements will be collect through a software so you don't need to use a measuring tape - isn't that cool?

You should click on "get fitted" at the products page and follow the instructions to be measured. You will be asked to provide us your height, weight and 2 photos.

Please use tight clothes and take the photos in a room with light. The software also works better if you avoid a black background.


- Make sure that you wear casual clothes that don't hide your body shape- tight jeans or leggings, fitted t-shirts and blouses or fitted long sleeve garments will do just fine. See model dressed below as a reference for everyday casual clothes which will yield accurate results.

- Avoid loose fitting clothes – dresses, tunic tops, jackets and blazers, skirts, baggy pants, scarves or other accessories that cover your body shape; long sleeves, dense fabric might also affect the result.

- The background on which the photo is taken doesn’t matter, but make sure that the full body is visible and present on the screen, and that color of the clothes are at least slightly different from the color of the background.

- Natural and relaxed pose is recommended. Arms should not be crossed behind the back, pressed tight to the body or be in the pockets.

- Please make sure that hair doesn’t cover the shoulders. Regarding shoes, remember to remove high heels!