About Confidence


Size inclusive, sustainable, and ethically made swimwear. Our mission is to spread confidence, self-love, and body positivity to women through swimwear. 

Are you tired of the swimwear industry spreading insecurities on women that do not fit in the industry standards, continually challenging women to have "a bikini body"?

 So are we

That is why we are committed to body diversity and inclusion. We believe that everybody is a bikini body. Every woman should be empowered to feel confident in her body and not afraid to show off her curves.  

We invite women who are not professional models to become swimwear models - all photos on this website portray regular women just like you and me. No photoshop is used to change their bodies. 

Let's stand together against body shaming, judgment, self-doubt, and start enjoying summers in a fashionable and sustainable way. 

When you buy from us, you support a small business and stand against everything wrong in the fashion industry. Put your money where your mouth is: say YES to sustainability and NO to big factories and poorly paid employees.  

Confidence Swimwear was founded to promote body inclusivity and empower women to confidently, sustainably, and ethically embrace their bodies.