Confidence Swimwear focus on solving problems long overseen by the fashion industry: Size inclusion, sustainability and fair trade. We are proud to be a slow fashion brand that promotes ethical fashion. 

Our sustainable fabric Vita is made of  ECONYL® which is a regenerated Nylon, created from recycled ocean waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets recovered from oceans. 

Vita is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable. It's a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to sand, chlorine, suntan creams, and oils.

We are committed to reducing waste so we are currently using left-over fabric to make face masks that are donated to balinese locals to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus. 

Our swimwear is hand-made in Bali, Indonesia by a small team of locals that work very close to us and that we know by name. We believed in ethical business practices and we love supporting and providing work for the balinese locals.

Our tailors are paid beyond fair trade wages and they work in great conditions, from the comfort of their home and in their own schedules instead of going to factories and staying there for long hours. 

Our swimwear are made to be durable and timeless so you can wear your swimwear for years and in different ways with just one purchase, which also reduce the production of new waste. 

When buying from us you are choosing conscious, sustainable and ethical fashion.