About us

Our mission is to spread confidence, self love and body positivity to women through swimwear. 



The brand was created having in mind the struggle that too many women are familiar with: buying swimwear. 

We believe that to have a "bikini body" all you have to do is put a bikini in a body, but we understand that its not always easy to do so. The swimwear industry normally limits the sizes available, leaving many body sizes out and spreading insecurities on women that do not fit in the industry standards. 

We strongly believe that every body is a bikini body and that this whole process of buying swimwear should be much easier than it actually is. We believe that swimwear should be made to fit bodies so our bodies do not have to bear the burden of fitting into swimwear. 

Confidence Swimwear was created with the intention to contribute towards solving this problem and offer women an opportunity to buy swimwear without having to worry about sizes. 

We are a brand of tailor-made swimwear.  On this website women from all over the globe can get swimwear that is precisely made to fit their bodies.